Why I Joined Beautycounter as a Consultant

August 10, 2018

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I did a thing recently that’s way outside my comfort zone and joined Beautycounter as a consultant. Maybe you’re wondering what that even means. Maybe you’ve never even heard of Beautycounter. Or maybe you’re like, please, not another person on my social media feed talking about some product. Honestly, I still can’t believe I joined in this capacity and the whole thing kind of terrifies me. Sales is not my thing. But after thinking about it for a long time, learning more and more about the company and their impact and speaking with passionate women who are part of their movement, I finally just went for it! And my initial thoughts about what this is and what it means to be a consultant have already changed.

I’ve spent years following Beautycounter, learning about their mission and using their products. I was approached many times by some amazing gals about the business opportunity with Beautycounter, and honestly I think what always held me back were preconceived notions about what that meant and a fear of failing. Finally I realized that learning more about a brand I love and sharing that with others as well as helping people feel good about themselves and invest in safer skincare and beauty products was exciting to me. Regardless of how successful I am on paper, even helping a few people discover the brand, feel part of a supportive community and switch to cleaner products is totally worth it!


Here are some of the major reasons I bit the bullet and just dove in! If you’re interested in learning more, please get in touch with me! I would love to talk to you about the products, the business opportunity or wherever you are in your safer skincare journey!

To Put My Money Where My Mouth Is

Over the past 6-8 years, I’ve become much more conscious of the products I and my family consume and use on a regular basis. It started to strike me as really odd that we live in one of the most advanced countries in the world with access to all modern medicine and technology have to offer, yet we are witnessing so many health issues rise. I love that we live in a country abundant with freedom, but also found it odd that in many sectors companies are able to produce food, drugs and other consumer products that contain harmful ingredients because of the freedoms they so closely guard from government regulation.

As I learned more and became more passionate about safer living in general, I felt a real need to change my own habits and lifestyle choices. This is a journey so many are on and there is no shame in being exactly where you are in the process of switching to safer. For me, it started with the food and ingredients I purchase for our home and now for our children. I’d started using safer beauty products also, but really pushed myself to change when I got pregnant with our girls in August 2016. When you start to learn the potential risks and affects the products you put on your skin can have on fetal development, it’s hard to just keep doing what you’ve always done.

I’d started purchasing Beautycounter products and products from other safer beauty sources like Follain, and loved how my dollars weren’t just purchasing great products, but I was discovering communities of supportive people who really cared about my specific needs and the importance of the safer beauty movement. I wanted to be a part of that community and after encouragement from some amazing ladies, I decided I too wanted to be an advocate for these products and an awesome company doing good in this area. Not only do they provide safer products for purchase, but BC also has a regulatory agenda and puts a lot of energy into educating government officials and advocating for better skincare and beauty product ingredients.

To Help and Educate Others

For most of my personal life, I’ve in some form or fashion been a helper — shop assistant and gift wrapper, jewelry studio assistant and teacher, arts and crafts counselor. And for most of my professional life before babes, I was a chief helper — personal assistant, executive assistant, editor, communications consultant, etc. The role of helping someone else in some capacity, whether in making their own piece of jewelry or in finalizing a badass presentation to deliver in front of the entire company, has become a part of me. And now I serve as chief helper of development for two tiny humans.

I feel fulfilled in helping others. And I saw an opportunity to help people learn about safer products, invest their money in quality skincare and beauty, and to feel confident and beautiful. I know how overwhelmed and helpless I’ve felt at times trying to learn all the things about conscious purchasing and living, and if I can help make that easier or a little less burdensome for someone else, that’s a win!

Beautycounter also has some really amazing tools for educating consultants. As soon as you sign up, you get access to tons of material, videos, etc. to help you learn all the things. I’m already learning so much more about the mission of the company and all of the different products and ingredients. Not only that, but you get access to an amazing community of people who also care about this movement and are striving to serve people so well with information and knowledge.


To Get Great Benefits While Generating Income

The Business Opportunity with Beautycounter has lots of upside with very little downside that I could find. Like I’ve said before, I thought about this for a while and did a lot of research and had to get over my initial skepticism, but after talking to my now mentor and asking all the questions, I couldn’t find a reason not to go for it.

As a consultant I get a 25% discount on the products I already love and purchase for myself. If someone purchases product through me, I receive a minimum 25% commission and can receive up to 35% based on sales milestones. Making a little bit of side income because I’m passionate about something and investing a lot of my time and energy into learning about it and then sharing that with others is really awesome, especially now that I’m at home full-time taking care of two babes.

The only required initial investment is $98, which covers the setup of your personal site and “back office” and gives you access to all of the educational resources and materials needed to get up to speed. Included in that registration fee, you also get a welcome package with two of BC’s bestselling products, a super cute tote and makeup bag, informational handouts and cards, as well as some sample containers for sharing product.

The only requirement to continue as a consultant is to sell $1,250 in qualifying product value every 6 months. This actually isn’t a lot when you consider that your own product purchases also contribute to that number. If you don’t reach that minimum for some reason, the only thing that happens is that your consultant status is removed, and that’s mainly to dissuade people from signing up to get the 25% discount without fully diving into the business.

The other thing I really love is that this business is what I make it and it can be done on my schedule or when I have time. When our girls were born, we made the personal and financial decision for me to stay home with them for the foreseeable future. We feel extremely grateful that this was an option for us and I have loved being able to serve our family in this way. When they hit about 12 months, I started to feel like I had a little more capacity to pick up some sort of side hustle or passion project. Being passionate about switching to safer in general put the Beautycounter business opportunity in the running. Being able to pursue it on a flexible schedule, during naps, at nights, or whenever I have a free moment, was really appealing as well.

To Become Part of an Awesome Community and Movement

The Beautycounter community is super positive, encouraging and all around awesome. Every person who’s ever approached me to purchase or get involved does so in the best way. I’ve never felt pressured or burdened and leave each conversation feeling built up and more interested in the brand. Now, being able to peek behind the curtain, that has only been more affirmed. The products speak for themselves, and the people are genuine, intelligent, passionate go getters who want you to succeed and want to get safer skincare and beauty products in the hands of everyone they know!

After becoming a consultant, I got to see behind the curtain, and I’ve honestly been so impressed. Because our team is spread out all over the country, we connect through different private groups on social channels where we can ask questions, get answers and give encouragement to one another. I’ve been blown away by the number of questions people pose to really get to the bottom of client issues and help propose solutions that will really help. Our skin is often the last place for a lot of health issues to present themselves, and as if struggling with that isn’t enough, problem areas on our face and body can make us embarrassed or kill our confidence. I know from experience.

I’ve experienced issues postpartum that I’ve never dealt with, even as a teenager. I was also on the pill for a long time (more than a decade) to balance hormone levels, and stopped taking it a few months before we got pregnant. This is a story for another time, but I won’t be getting back on any form of synthetic hormone. The skin issues I’m experiencing are likely a product of postpartum hormones and the fallout of my body adjusting to being off of the pill. This is a thing, and if you’ve tried to stop taking it and go right back on because of skin related or other symptoms, you’re not alone! Ask me more about this. I’m not an expert yet by any means, but can point you to some great resources I’ve come across.

I was nervous to start Beautycounter because of the struggles I’m currently experiencing, and it was so refreshing to be encouraged to go for it any way. That the reasons I had for wanting to pursue this and my underlying issues were common and relatable and other women could benefit from my experience. Overwhelmingly, this is what the Beautycounter community is all about. And in just a few short weeks, I’ve been convinced that this was an awesome step for me, not only as a professional opportunity, but for the connections and community I’m gaining personally as well.



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